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Originally Posted by wheelz96 View Post
Thank you all so far for the great advice! This has been a very warm welcome! After reading your replies and researching the break in you all are spot on. I just put 40 miles on her and never went past 7k and would give it on/off throttle the whole time. What a pain haha but certainly worth it! I was thinking the twisties because I know the road well and its lot of hard acceleration then brake and back and forth but I will put at least a 100 miles on her in the straights.

Yes an oil change will be done before 100 miles! The quickshifter seems fairly smooth and I imagine once I start shifting normally at higher rpms it will be butter! Brakes seem super powerful but a bit of a spongey feel thus far. I have heard decent things about the stock battleaxe tires but what do you guys think? I always ran the Q3's and my last set was a pair of Metzeler M7RR. Great tire for the road!

Looking forward to hear from you guys and I am happy to join team green again (even tho I have a minimum amount of green).
I didn't gel very well with the stock Bridgestones. I had the rear slide on me under acceleration leaned over and I lost the confidence to push them harder. I didn't like the feedback I got from them and I was happy to ditch them for the Q3+.

The brakes feel the same to me. All stock at the moment and I have that same feeling as you. It is what it is for the time being.

I may not be perfect, but at least I don't ride a Suzuki.

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