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Scout I luv being by myself!I have the best hobby with my gen4 mate!I don't drink or take drugs and live within my means!what I have noticed with marriage breakdown the money I have now compared to the 2 lattes a day shopperaholic wife is crazy!the day I was avicted my Brother picked me up at the shopping complex and all I had was 2 garbage bags full of clothes!the funny thing is on the 27/3/18 she accused me of being aggressive!yelling and made her feel frightened for her safety!I have never ever acted in that way towards her in 8 years!on that date she was 300 kilometres away staying with her son!from the 23rd to the 30th of March my Daughter and boyfriend were staying with me at the house on holidays from Queensland!honestly I thought she was the 1 I would die with and to me a beautiful Angel!well sometimes in life things are not what they seem!I won't put her down or belittle her!I don't seek revenge and payback because she did help me when I was in a horrible stage in my life!she has made me stronger!less aggressive and prepared to listen before making spur of the moment decisions!the truth will be on my side and Karma can be cruel!I can look in the mirror with no guilt!regrets with anything I've done!I no deep down inside her conscience must be like a cancer with her lies and betrayal but I will move forward without a problem!plus I'm saving $1560 a year just on her buying lattes
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