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No start

Alright this one threw me for a loop. So I had my bike out the other day, ran fine, other then I accidentally unhooked the sensor for the emissions by the charcoal canister.

(Back story on that, back in October my body came off on that side and tore off the charcoal canister. My body pieces will be here tomorrow so I have a Schnitz flash and had the pairs disabled and thought I could unhook the sensor.)

I unhooked the sensor and threw a check engine light. Not a big deal because I knew what caused it and I’ve still got to get my recall done so I was going to have them clear it. I can’t really ride it right now because I haven’t renewed my plates yet.

Fast forward to day. I just got done changing my clutch so I go to start the bike to warm it up for an oil change. Turn the key on and you hear the pump come on and primes for about 3 seconds then you hear the pump quiet for a split second and then start again. I figured maybe it was because my low fuel light was on when I last started it last week. So I proceed to try and fire it up and it cranks with no fire and the whole dash starts to flash. Tried it a couple times to no avail. So now I’m trying to figure out why it’s not starting and bring the codes up on the dash to see what the issue is.

Electrical side of it I have a Schnitz flash and a PC5. Battery has plenty of juice. Let’s hear some ideas
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