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Originally Posted by Lanister View Post
First of all, congrats on what looks like a solid package and a good entry-point price. With a lot of the build already done, which takes time and money, you can dive straight into the good stuff. If I may suggest, kit ecu/harness/adapter will open you up to all the electronics settings to mess with. Coming off of gen4 with kit ecu, the evolution in sophistication of electronics is all too evident. It's also a bit easier to get confused and mess things up if you're not careful and change too much at once but it's well worth the investment. Some folks go with ftecu of woolich and they're not bad but kit box is a kit box; clean and no messing about.

With respect to fork travel, an additional 20mm travel seems quite a lot. Stock fork travel is 120mm and there are different schools of thought about additional 5-10mm with 10 having some adverse effects. Although I run Ohlins, I stuck with 125mm travel as it is a known-good range. Word on the street, Bobby Fong ran 128mm travel on his Latus bike, which is telling.

There's other cool kit stuff as well, I'm sure you'll get it all figured out as you go. Good luck and keep us updated on the progress.
Agreed on all counts, the extra 20mm of travel is something that I didn't understand on this bike. It already has years of trail and a longer wheelbase so why add more (especially so much more). On my R1, I have the Ohlins FGRT 808 forks with the modification to extend them to 130mm. On THAT bike, it works well do the the stubby nature of the chassis and the point/shoot style of riding it loves.

I'll know more in a few days. I might have Thermosman look at them for "corrections"...
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