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I'm really interested to see what (any) electronics feel like. My R1 has zero rider aids if you don't count the QS and slipper clutch hahaha! From what I've read the Gen5 really is a significant stepping stone vs the Gen4. I remember when the 2011-15 ZX10R was considered one of the top 2 liter bikes on the market next to the BMW but there was an less than refined nature about it that most people had issues with regrading the electronics. Then the 2015 R1 was released and made a huge step forward in what we now consider the standard for all liter-bikes.

All in all, I'm glad I waited to get a bike with rider aids. It has allowed the first versions of all the bikes to have time with the customers and the manufacturers have made improvements. As a track only rider, I don't care about all the street stuff with these bikes, so my focus is just with outright performance and factory support. Right now no one supports the racing community better than Kawasaki and this was a huge reason for my switch from Yamaha.
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