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Originally Posted by Mark Metcalfe View Post
I know about the frame issue but I can't get a feel for how common it is. I do exit a lot of corners on one wheel so even if it doesn't have an issue am I just one hard landing away from an issue at all times? Doesn't sound ideal tbh but would be a real shame to back away from something that sounds so good for an issue that affects one bike in a few hundred. If its pretty much inevitable though I think I'd walk away.
I read through a few of the old threads on the frame cracking and there were a few guys who have stated that they wheelie all the time and slam it back down and haven't had any issues.

It seems to be kind of hit and miss, the Gen 1 that we have doesn't show any cracks but it doesn't get ridden nearly as hard since my mom rides it. Literally gets driven under 90MPH 95% of the time when she's on it.

I'm hoping I can convince my dad to let me keep it for myself when she's done with it ha.
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