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Mark Metcalfe
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just about to buy an 04...what to look for?

Hi guys,

Rather than the usual...i've just bought a XXX and what should I have considered' I thought I'd take the unprecedented step of asking advice of those in the know before I hand over the dosh.

Te guy I'm buying it off sounds knowledgeable and a nice guy to boot and I'm pretty experienced in the art of bike buying but could really do with opinions on particular model weaknesses and/or any things to watch out for on this model. Theres no service history but this is reflected in the price, its done 24k miles so I am aware its due a major service but I'm pretty happy doing valve clearances etc myself and again, its cheap to reflect this.

Its got an akrapovic can and power commander, custom mapped on a dyno. its got an ohlins damper so looks like the brutal power delivery and 'lively' handling should be sorted. I'm coming from a GSXR1000 K1 and Fireblade 929 background so assume this is similar but more (power GSXR plus some and handling 929 ish with equal tank slappers.

Be very interested to hear your opinions and of course I'll post up pics/findings when I've collected.

Cheers dudes, ride safe.

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