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Question Want some guidance, more power..

So, all the guys I'm recently riding with now have 2017/2018 S1000RR and I believe one guy who I haven't seen yet, has the new 2017 ZX10. I need/want to keep up or pass these guys on my 2011 ZX10R. Not sure what I'm searching for here to avoid asking directly what I can do/upgrade for more power/faster. If there are threads I can be pointed to or if anyone can just give me some pointers, that would be great.

Really all I have in terms of upgrades which don't necessarily help is BMC air filter, ECU flashed by Archer a while back, and TaylorMade exhaust. I know that maybe a full system would be a benefit, not sure that I'd want to swap the Taylor exhaust since I love the look. Can I use "Better/Different" headers for more performance? What else can I do with bolt-ons without touching the motor? I'm thinking Dyno would help, any recommendations in the NYC or NJ area where I'm close to?
Note: If I must dive into the motor, what's first, the cam, like on a car motor?

Also, I'm going to replace the clutch, any solid recommendations? I've read installations of different brands, but all of them were mainly at the point of install. I saw that EBC for instance doesn't have different friction plates like the stock clutch does. Any difference in that?

So, I'm hoping to have all this done while its down time right now and since hopefully I may see a dollar from the tax returns, hoping might have a few pennies to spend on parts.

Thanks in advance everyone.

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