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Quickshifter and Autoblipper

I recently got to try my friendīs S100RR, which had OEM quickshifter installed and that was my first time ever. I liked it so much that now i want one for myself as well.
I've got a 2008 ZX10R

I have general idea of how the Quickshifter works, but i dont really understand the extra part - the autoblipper.

For example, Cordona PQ8 quickshifter kit has Kawasaki harness, module, pressure sensor and a rod - all you need for a QS.

But do i understand it correctly, that this only allows me to Upshift ? If i want to downshift as well, then i need to buy yet Another similar set, aka. Autoblipper, which basically has exact same components as the QS has ?

How does it look like then ? Shitload of wires and pressure sensors all on one gear lever ?

I dont understand, why doesent the QS work both ways ? If it can cut ignition to upshift, why cant it cut ignition to downshift ?? :D
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