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Originally Posted by Soidogbob View Post
Thanks for the replies, I think as i feel more comfortable i'm getting more out of the bike. I spent a lot of time on track and road and throttle use is good. Probably more in my head as i explore different power options.

Got caught in the rain for 150km trip, RS10s worked quite well with only the odd rear twitch. Very impressed.

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Read Code's book 1000 times. Not once. Use it like a research book that has an index; but don't need an index in Code's book as short.

Know the road; if not, dork it several times. Anything that feels off on the bike, there's a reason: then sort it with Code. Superbike classes are perfect but best to dial in with your bike then use Code's rr's; all helps learning but bottom line is that you really have to ride street everyday and do it without upsetting cagers.

Get the techmount fork mount with the tpx radar with wireless helmet insert, if legal in your area.

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