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Originally Posted by halfswede View Post
ok, let se i got it:
i go to my Hungaryan tuner, he has a contact to woolich and he has even a dyno and he has a specific woolich cable he said
i pay 100 dollar fee for opening my ECU (is this the same as buying the BIN file specific to my bike?)
than is there onother charge to woolich for the flashing? how much?
than i tell my tuner all the feutures what i want to adjust for no extra charge to woolich?
So, you're taking it to someone who will reflash it for you? Then this whole thread is pointless. Contact them and see what they charge. Asking about the WR features and cost is really not relevent if you're not going to buy the stuff and do the work yourself. No one here will know anything related to what your tuner is doing/charging you for that stuff.

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