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Shit, im just gonna chime in to rep some GenII as well! I love the looks too, it doesnt look like a 600 and after Cody flashed it, the dyno sheet (tuned by Ryan at Schnitz) shows the power starts ramping at 5.5K and it pulls hard til the light comes on - although i will admit it has opened up heads + valve job, a kawi race cam, full Brocks and a slight comp bump + normal mods like BMC street, emissions crap gone, plus i've lightened it as much as i can at the moment and i only weigh 140 lol. Its a handful for me quite honestly lol.

I totally get what you're saying though badexample. For me, i actually want less electronics, which should bring the weight back down and i just want a bike thats gnarly. Honestly if i had the coin to buy something new within the last few years or so it would probably have been a S1000R and i really like what i read about the crossplank although im not sure how it translates to the real world - would love to test one. Im just thankful there are still so many cool older bikes out there that i also know id be able to work on without buying too much computer related stuff for hundo's of bucks. Believe me though if i could afford some Woolich gear, a data logger and a closed system id do it but its just not gonna happen at the moment lol.

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