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I am fed up with Kawasaki

Are you friggin serious Kawi? It's been the same friggin bike for years. The H2 is a big hunk of shit and the new ZX-10r SE is overpriced and so yesterday. Can we get something exciting? I don't care if the latest Gen is the most winning bike in WSBK. All the bikes are getting choked down by electronics and emissions standards. There is nothing out there that I am excited for. BMW needs a new platform, the R1 is ugly as fuck, I can't even look at the front without a cringe, a fish on wheels. The Aprilia is overweight, reliability is like gambling, been the same model for years. The Gixxer is way overpriced, comes with a gameboy dashboard and tractor flashers and looks really gixxer alike! Ducati is for the Starbuck queers with Dainese super thigh leathers that put 500 KMs a year on the rear tire, The Fireblade has no character at all, just another pile of shit Honda with no soul, way underpowered with nice welds lol. There is nothing out there that just trigger me, that get me pumped to go buy it. The sportbike scene is bland as fuck.

The 2004-2005 was the almighty unicorn from Kawasaki. It just went downhill from there.

“Ride like you are invisible.”

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