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Zx10r Abs - Woodcraft Rearsets - Extra long brake line.

Hey guys,

I got a set of woodcraft rearsets for my 10r.
Revzilla has mentioned "a fitment issue" with the rear brake line for the ABS model.
The line needs to be custom ordered "a few inches longer".

I have talked to Spiegler... this is what they said..

"We can make a rear line for you. You would however need to tell us the extra length you need and if the fitting(s) need to be changed.
We do not keep specs on lines that use non-OEM equipment. Once you get that info you can call us at the number below to place an order for a custom line."

Has anyone here dealt with this yet?

***I'm a bit of a wrench-tard, so.. help me out here...
should I just mount the rearsets, position them where I want them and then simply measure the line? To avoid error I was hoping
someone has already done it, and could kindly pass along the length.

do I want to leave a bit of buffer in it? 1/2" extra? being a steel braided line you don't want to put extra pressure on it right?

Thanks inadvance!
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