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Originally Posted by Kawasexy View Post
These roads have hair pin turns most turns are rated 10mph and it's up and down mountains. If he was drunk he would of wrecked. He had a family truck full. So couldn't believe dui.

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Ah. Well, you add a new element. I am very, very, very used to tight rural areas. And tight areas have a range of the definition of 'rural.' In empty rural, no one but the ranchers are on the road and they don't like asphalt. Semi rural areas I know well and often have an informal agenda concerning motos; in that genre area, but rarely, on coming demented old guys cut apex's deep, as into my lane, on coming. Very rarely. My thought when it happened was 'old, and watching right in front of his bumper EXACTLY like how my wife drives.'

Sorry, ladies. My wife has been at my side for years and years in a cage. Yet when she insisted upon driving me around after a few injuries, I was shocked that nothing I did TAUGHT her a single thing...nothing...nothing...nothing.

Astounding revelation.

Anyway. yup, I do indeed pay attention to all traffic coming from any direction and try to adjust fast when needed.

ok, now this may sound unbelievable. On my 50 mile section of Mt. Hamilton at least half of those miles are single lane BUT Cal Trans placed a dy. Just about half of all on coming is down the middle; these are usually University students, rural mail or Fedex, (UPS goes up but I've never had a prob with them going over dy.)

Motors simply are ready for that; a couple of times big trucks, on coming, any I'm in the frookin ditch, shallow, but avoiding the crash. No hits but if I crash and they're over the dy...on them. Camera going to hard for mis-info to stand when the court is in session.

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