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Gains would be negligible at best just mixing it with pump fuel. Now tuning to run solely Methanol can be advantageous as it's great for when you are building a motor for just a quick blast down the strip a few times a night, but it is not something you want to deal with for a road racing bike. Or even a road going bike for that matter...

Many many years ago I had a V65 Magna that was a total sleeper. Balanced and Blueprinted, Jetted for methanol and it would run 9 second 1/4 miles all night long. The only give away was that sweet sweet exhaust smell coming out of the OEM exhausts. The downside was she was a very thirsty girl and methanol is caustic to most gasket materials. If it didn't eat it up it would make it swell unless you had something like Viton this included the diaphragms in the carbs and of course when you jet a bike to run on Methanol once you run out of it you're screwed. Granted with Fuel Injection and most piggy back controllers you could easily have another map for pump gas if you ran out of Methanol, but I bet it is still caustic to the seals in the fuel system of modern bikes and Fuel Pressure Regulators etc.
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