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Anyone in Canada actually get their warranty claims approved?

Not ZX10R related but seems to be quite abit of info on the topic here. I bought a 2016 ZX14R SE in this past December. Got 3880kms on it when it spun 2 rod bearings. Brought it to the dealership and the ripped it down, rebuilt but never found what caused it. New crank, 2 rods, 2 pistons and 8 valves were replaced. Grand total coming to just shy of $8000 cdn. Kawasaki Canada denied the warranty. Unknown reason why. Dealership said Kawasaki found a post on my facebook wall saying I had aftermarket parts. Highly unlikely as my fb wall posts are friends only. So the dealership waited to rebuild until they switched to their winter shop rates as well as gave me a discount. Brought the total down to $5700. Dealership is hoping now that the build is done and that the dealership is helping me out with the cost, they are hoping Kawasaki will cover the rest. So I been pretty pissed off as they denied a warranty with 3880kms on the odo and still no word on what caused it. After doing research there are a shit load of guys that had their motors fail the same way. Apparently the oil pump cover is weak and flexes under acceleration. This causes a massive drop in oil pressure and explains why the bearings spun. Kawasaki knows of this issue but has done nothing to correct it and yet still denies my warranty. I am a loyal Kawasaki customer. I have owned a 07 and 08 zx6r, 2015 zx10r, 2016 zx14r and my wife has had a 09 ninja 250 and now a 2016 650r. I am 100% loyal but this shit is fucked up and im honestly thinking of ditching my Kawasaki's because of it.

I have seen a few posts of guys getting their warranty approved with high mileage in the states. But anyone in Canada have good or bad experiences with warranty?

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