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Originally Posted by hellsrazor View Post
Let me start by apologizing for checking out on everyone here.
After both of my sisters dying on the same day, then my mother died of a heart attack and then several more family members died.
I reclused from everyone and everything and got off the web.

I"m back now and in a good place, just hope no more damn family dies on me for a long time.

So that being said, I got some catching up to do.

What's up everyone. Hellsrazor, back in da HOUSE
You lost two sisters, your mom and several relatives?

In a few months?


Terrible situation. I noticed that you were gone but thought work related.

Me: blew up the second g4, 2013 and it has been at the dealer since May 30!

Kawa warranty is covering but I'm hoping Kawa will get tired of me waiting for their bike and give me a new one! Indeed, this is the second g4 that failed me; 2011 blew out at 50,000 miles; '13 at 70,500 miles; some improvement noted.

Good that you squared stuff!

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