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Thanks for all the responses, been too busy to do anything yet.. except start it but haven't even took down the road all week.? But power Commander is all the way unhooked, on work bench, and I'll test cylinders to see if I got one missing, with temp gun.. But wait, tried starting bike and it wouldn't start, after trying for a minute I noticed that I didn't hear my fuel pump humm or the lil beep and noise it usually makes when turned on... After a couple more times turning off and back on it made the usual sound and could hear pump hum and fired right up... Didn't know why it happened but since then I've started it every nite and it's done it to me two more times... I've wiggled all plugs and connectors that I could see, ... Don't know if it could be related to the "not revving past 8k thing..".
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