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Originally Posted by Ghettochilds View Post
I had the same problem brings back a tear to me eyes.

So here?s you?re problem Coil Stack and this is how you find out which one.

Switch you?re bike on from cold. Wait like 10-15 seconds.

Put some spit on you?re index finger and touch each eachuast.

Wait for the tsssss noice and f*uck burned my finger with abit of steam and the one that doesn?t that?s where you?re problem lays.

Take out the spark plug give it a good old clean. Get a spark plug tester from eBay cost a few quid but at least you know if you?re getting some spark to it via the coil pack.

By the way on the right hand side near the air box there one big grey block abit of a pain to get to you?ll need to take off the fuel tank to get to it disconnect get a hoover on it to suck out any water and spray some contact spray and re connect that will fix you?re problem.
Don?t forget to switch you?re bike off before you stick you?re finger down the exhaust header pipes after you left it on from 10-15 seconds .
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