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05' zx10r falling on its face around 8k ?? HELP

Newbie here just purchased an 05' zx10r for 3k that's in decent shape.. only issue is when trying to tach it out it falls on its face around 8k!! And I'm not sure why or what I need to do to fix it .. I bought it from someone who acquired it not running and he said all he had to do was change plugs twice to get it running.. it ran after first plug change but wasn't long before it started acting up so he changed them again and since it's ran fine.( with flat spot or whatever) when I heard him take off on it he was able to tach it out past the 8k stall but I'm not sure how, I know it'll rev up with clutch in so maybe he just tached it out them dumped clutch once he was going but if you just hammer on it it'll actually stall out bad enough it won't go on past 8 or 9k and it's ugly , bucking and surging like crazy.. my f1 light is on but it's because the exhaust actuator sensor was removed prior and wires are just hanging there.. error code 34 .. was coming up with 32 & 34 but adjusted sub throttle sensor (I believe) back to markings that were scribed on it..( was adjusted all the way counter clockwise) again this was from previous owner.. but it did make the error 32 go away but still ran the same.. it came with a power Commander 111 programmer but wasn't hooked up.. guy who I got it from unhooked it when trying to get it running initially.. and it's got an aftermarket exhaust on it but I believe it's stock besides that... (31k miles on bike). Has anyone ran into this before?? Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated and thanks for reading all this I know it's lengthy but figured more info the better understanding of what I'm talking about.. thanks to all..
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