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"HELP" Not Shifting

Originally Posted by MiamiNinja View Post
2009 zx10r, does my engine half to be removed to preform work on the tranny. I passed by a shop and they were saying i have a casset style case and wont need to have the engine removed but they were not 100% sure of it.

Yeah, on that bike there is not a cassette transmission on that model. The cassette transmissions didn't come out until the 2011 gen 4 model. So if they have to get to the bulk of the transmission, then the engine has to be split to access it.

The positive to this for you, is the 2008 and early 2009 models have a weak shift shaft arm that was prone to cracking in the metal arm. That lead to sloppy missed shifts. And that arm was updated in 2009 and if yours has failed completely that could be your problem. To get to that, the clutch basket has to come out but can be done without dropping the motor completely. There is a thread on here about that. I'll find it for you to give you more info. But don't get your hopes up too much that that is your real issue. You won't know until it's disassembled and investigated.

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