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I read your reply posts before you deleted them and fair enough. I'm not doing trackdays in the UK so I do not know exactly how things are over there in that regard, but I am a seasoned rider in the USA having worked as a Lead Instructor doing 50+ events every season for years on end, Test Rider, Moto-Journalist I've pretty much done it all including putting on my own trackdays.

Yes of course they would say something to the rider that passed you. It would no doubt be a liability issue for them not to regardless and I have said this before... 20 years ago if you were at a trackday you were a licensed racer trying to get some additional practice or testing time. Now it has become a family recreational activity and any average joe with a couple hundred dollars and some leathers can go ride on the track every weekend. What's worse is we (the promoters) shove the safety speech down everyone's throat so much that everybody thinks that we have now removed the inherent danger of riding at excessive speeds on two wheels and now if an accident does happen then there absolutely has to be someone to blame for it because this activity is supposed to be "safe" out there.

I'm sorry you felt threatened by the faster rider in that video. It must be very traumatic for you and I hope that with years of therapy and counseling you will eventually be able to come to grips with it. I would also like to start a petition for Safe Spaces at all tracks in the UK now so you will have a place to go when something like this occurs. No rider should ever have to feel that another rider got too close to them out there on the race track. The senseless damage that did not occur to you or your bike is an absolute travesty of justice and you will be avenged, oh yes you will be avenged!
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