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Originally Posted by Victors View Post
Flashed with no restrictions and 3/4 exhaust...

Made less than my 4th gen with similar mods... bike only has 700 miles but went through a hard early break in to seat the rings. Nothing really unusual other than a little rattle buzzing sound from the bike (mayge that cam chain tension issue) and a little bit material on the metal drain plug I out on at 100 miles and changed again at 600. Figured that was from the normal break in.

Do they not break in well with full synthetic? Do they continue to make more power with miles? Seems like it should be making about 8-15 more than my gen 4 depending on fueling. Am I wrong?
Yea mine read around 165 after hard break in on brocks dyno, now with flash his Predator exhaust sprint filter and velocity stacks peak hp was at 203 wheel. What numbers are you getting stock to now? Were these done on the same dyno? What were the climitory factors? The last 2 are big ones. Different dynos put up different numbers for the exact same bike all the time. Also the climate has a huge factor also, my bike in good conditions ( lower temperature, little to no humidity) made 203. A month later on a hot around 90degree day (F) and high humidity was only pulling 185. Nothing changed except outside factors. Your best bet is to go back to the same dyno your gen 4 was tuned on, try and do it on a day that conditions closest resemble those of the day your gen 4 was dynoed (these should be noted on your dyno chart). Or if u still have it, bring both for side by side comparison.

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