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Even with the hard anodizing that some suppliers use on their sprockets, you will not match the life of a steel sprocket. LDH wrote a pretty detailed article on sprockets a while back. He mentioned Renthal are not all that great and AFAM is not as good as they once were.

IMHO I don't see any benefit to running an aluminum sprocket on a bike that is ridden mostly street. The weight difference is not something an average joe is going to notice. Its not like a weight savings from going OEM wheels to say magnesium or carbon wheels.

Also, its not a bad idea to replace all sprockets and chain at the same time so they wear in together. Only time I see not changing everything out would be in racing situations where racers need different gearing on different tracks.

On my current bikes, my gsxr600 has a Supersprox Stealth sprocket (hybrid dual metal sprocket). It has been on the bike for 11 years and 10k+ miles now and it still looks in very good shape. On my zx-10r, I went with a JT steel sprocket. It has almost 5k miles on it now and still looks new. My only complaint with the JT is it looks like an ugly stock sprocket. I will more than likely be switching it to a Supersprox Stealth or Supersprox all steel sprocket. I was going to get the Superlite Steel sprocket, but some google search has come up with people saying their sprockets developing cracks in the thinnest part of the steel. That's a safety risk I will not take. I would rather deal with broken off sprocket teeth.

Since you're in need of all chains and sprockets, Supersprox Stealth isn't a bad option. If you buy their "Kit", the rear Stealth sprocket comes with a lifetime guarantee. If it does wear, you get a free replacement when you buy a new kit. No one else that I know of offers that, but I could be wrong.

Edit: I noticed your parts list and wanted to mention that most chains come with a masterlink.

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