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Originally Posted by evilaugust View Post
Wow, guy with 17 posts comes preaching about Ohm's law and me being an idiot when you he can't even read the whole thread and understand that the problem has been solved WITH a multimeter, and the stator is bad per my tests. Bringing up old, dead threads, and calling people idiots is really just in bad taste. Welcome to the forum.
I read the thread and also know that it's an old thread. I was just putting you in check for being a dick towards some of the guys that were trying to help you. Since when does somebody's post count equal more knowledge? I may not know everything about bikes, but I DO know electricity, not everything but it appears I know more about that than you.
The funny thing is: you solved the problem the same way I suggested, but it took several other people to tel you the same thing.
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