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Originally Posted by SpazOnaZX View Post
So, I just got these today from the seller.... I paid for them July 20th. Ya'll do the math on that. I actually got worried enough after a month that I had to file a claim, long after giving up trying to get a tracking number to work (though I did try contacting over a dozen carriers first). Turns out the seller is not CONUS, but failed to disclose that. I'll take the hit there for not asking.

A week after getting a refund from paypal, they show up. New, but not 'the most recent version"; they are V14's, but not the MKIII that have been out for a while now. That may sound like a small quibble, but I could have got the old version stateside in less than 3 days for the same price. I'll take the hit there too for not verifying the ACTUAL product version from that pic he posted.

But I just sent the seller back the money anyway. I was pretty pissed about the whole thing as I wanted these for a 2K mile trip I just did, but I'm not going to rip him off over it.

Caveat emptor, folks.
Personally I would make sure I left trader rating to reflect your experience.

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