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Originally Posted by Porschenut View Post
You're not going to get very good midrange out of most literbikes.

The ones that do?
Ducati 1299s (not even the 1199 since it has poor midrange)
Aprilia RSV4?
2017 Suzuki GSXR1000 (with variable valve timing)
Yamaha R1 cross plane

Others? I can't think of any.
It's funny that though...If you dyno each of the latest litre bikes, they make near enough the same power and it's gearing that alters where the meat of the power is felt.

In terms of the OP, I think the latest CBR1000RR makes power earlier in the rev range than the others so maybe for street use, it is the best.

I have heard it compared to a 750 in terms of user friendliness...It doesn't make the crazy top end like a ZX10R and S1000RR but you go faster because you feel more confident in it's power delivery.

Some have said it's boring which is the cliche to describe Hondas, but how can 180ish horsepower be boring. Idiots!
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