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Wrong Shorai battery

You guys will think this a bit funny...6 years ago when I got my Gen 4 ABS (2011), I bought a Shorai battery from one of the vendors on this site. 2 weeks ago left my key on for 2 hours while the fan was cooling the bike down. I came out and everything seemed fine. I turned the key off and went on to do some other stuff. Saturday I went to go on a bike ride and the battery was absolutely dead...turn the key on and absolutely nothing came on. So I called Shorai, and they have a 5 year warranty, they shipped me a new battery for my ABS bike for $100 and I got it today...and lo and behold, the battery in my bike is a non ABS battery at about HALF the size of the ABS battery. There's no way that replacement ABS battery will work..it won't even fit in the tray without me removing a rib and relocating my BAZZAZ which I have mounted on top of the wrong battery. So I am thinking fawk it, this battery lasted 6 years, just to get the smaller battery and be done with it. Or should I go through the headache of trying to get the much larger battery to work? Thoughts?

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