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Originally Posted by morpheusro View Post
Hi Guys,

Does anyone knows the exact differences between the 2017 zx-10R krt and 2017 zx-10RR besides the marchesini wheels, 24 degrees on krt, 23.5 on RR and stock up/down feature on RR?

I mean, if we install the race harness & ecu & camshafts, are there any real differences?

I'm really curious to find out.


Stock vs stock there's no real difference other then the autoblipper. The rims look alright but same weight as std R and pricey to replace.

With a flashed R you'll have the same power as the RR and also autoblipper, so to be honest if I had known the wheels were so heavy I would have never paid the extra for the RR.

The RR gives the option to run higher lift cams that's about it but if u have no plan to modify the engine then the RR is pointless.

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