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I believe that only applies to the race manual.. I could be wrong but when you purchase an adjustable ecu from kawi you would receive the race manual offering advice on what to do. Personally, I have my ecu flashed by 2WDW, replaced my air filter at 3k (because I replace everything religiously, and think its fun haha) and left the mesh on the stock air filter. I would just rather have the piece of mind that my air filter with the mesh is letting less debris in over having that wee little bit of extra air flow.

On a side note, after my bike was flashed I didn't feel too much of a difference and was kind of disappointed. UNTIL, I purchased an oem stock ecu for when and if I need to bring my bike into kawi for warranty work.. plugged it in started it and took it out to make sure the stock ecu was spot on and that's when I could feel how restricted and sluggish it felt. Put the flashed ecu back in took it out and WOW what a difference.

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Hmmm.. So just pull the screen off = Better flow??
My owners manual said Zip-Nada see your dealer basically..

Thanks for your help..

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