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I have never owned a zx6, but I loved the 636 motor. For street, I think I liked it because I could have some fun and not be doing 135 mph to do so. The zx10 was/is so fast, I feel like Im in the felony speeding zone anytime I am having fun. Probably for the same reason I liked my sv650, maybe?

As far as abs, I only have it on my concours 14. My 14 is an 08, so its abs has to be way outdated as compared to whats available , now. Even still, its awesome.

Ive only activated the front abs, once. I was entering a freeway on ramp. I accelerated hard..way too hard. The 137 year old lady, in her station wagon, saw me do this. She had to glance in her rear view mirror. Anyway, this scared her. Instead of entering the freeway, and letting me go by, like a normal human, she stopped at the top of the ramp.

I grabbed the front brake. The tire was screaming, and I stopped 15 feet short of her rear bumper...but the abs system was amazing.

Totally my fault. I was stupid. I pulled into my driveway, and had a talk with myself.

I thought, Heres a situation where an electronic device saved a crash. This is the same as pointing a loaded gun at someone, and not killing them just because the safety was on. This mindset will kill me, sooner or later.

I hate the idea of abs, or traction control. However, abs did cover for me the day I was an idiot, so.....
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