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Originally Posted by rcannon View Post
cmbnyc, I feel like we're all pretty lucky in that we are even able to discuss with with you. The fact that you are out lookign at new bikes is unreal.

These threads that turn emotional are what makes all of this worthwhile. I guarantee when I put my tank bag on, yesterday, I made triple sure my zippers were in a good spot, and the ends covered.
rcannon, glad you are going the extra mile and checking thrice to make sure the tank bag zippers are secure. Trust me, from now on I'm going to be like a pilot doing a pre-flight check each time I get on my bike, even for a short ride to get milk. My body and wallet (medical expenses) just can't take another avoidable crash.

Just curious why you mentioned you recommend I get the ZX6R over the ZX10R, especially being that this is the ZX10R forum... LOL
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