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Originally Posted by obijack View Post

Either bike will be terrible for commuting in my opinion. But I have been enlightened by the 1000cc upright naked craze (they also makes faired versions too). Super bikes (1000) and super sports (600) are at home only on a track. They hate sitting in traffic, evidence by how fast they heat up. They are uncomfortable. They do not make any discernible power until well into their rev range, which is magnified in a super sport. They are also geared really tall. Stock gearing on the gen 5 red lines over 100mph.

For the type of riding you do, I would suggest a left over Z1000/z900 if you like Kawi. If not particular to kawi check out Suzuki GSX-S1000 (which I have), Aprilia Tuono, Ducati Monster 1200, Honda CB1000r, Yamaha FZ10. The Suzuki and Yamaha both make 160 hp. All of those bikes will be faster than a 600, more comfortable, and be more fun to ride on the street.
obijack, good point about commuting and lack of comfort on a sportbike. I have my ZRX1200R still which I plan to keep and will use as my go to bike when I expect to do longer rides or just want a break from the committed sportbike ergonomics. The ZX6R or ZX10R I hope to get would be used for commuting but we're talking about short stints in heavy traffic and minimal lane splitting. For the most part I'd be cruising along at between 70 and 80 mph. I'm kind of right in the middle now between the two models. Half of me likes the idea of the ZX6R because it seems to be lighter and more flickable and can be wound out more without hitting the triple digits immediately while the ZX10R seems more planted, a little better at absorbing the road bumps and is more suited for cruising at highway speeds (80 mph and thereabouts). My only real-life reference points for the two bikes have been a 30 minute test ride on a used 2013 ZX6R and the 2 hour ride back from the dealership on my dearly departed 2014 ZX10R.

Just curious to learn what all of you on the forum think about skipping the ABS version of either bike. The two bikes I'm looking at now don't come with ABS and would cost me an additional $1000 to get it which I really don't want to spend if possible. I've never had ABS on a bike before (except for the one that got wrecked) so I really have no experience with its benefits.
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