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Originally Posted by kawikidd View Post
Same issue on my '12 at around 12k miles. Starter was making a weak noise and i thought it was the battery but after buying a new one im having the same issue. Is there a rebuild kit or are you getting a new starter?
That little bugger is 500 bucks. My bike is out of warranty already but my buddy called up Kawi and mentioned this is the 2nd one he's seen in a week and if there wasn't something they could do. Kawi said they would cover it, even though it's out of warranty! I am paying an extra 80 bucks to get it expedited because I need it for my trip. They totally didn't have to cover this part so I am extremely impressed with them! They even covered a jug of coolant because you have to drain the cooling system to get the starter out. I had the same issue with it acting weak. I had a 120Ah lithium in it which is less than the stock battery so I recently put a 240 in it. To be honest it seemed weak from the day I picked it up from the dealer when it was brand new. I think it was a problem from the start that just slowly got worse and worse and then just completely crapped out last night.


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