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Something feels off

I know this is something that won't have a specific answer, and that's not what I'm really looking for. I'm hoping for some kind of idea about where to start really looking. The bike is a 2013 with about 16,600 miles. Recently, I noticed it just didn't feel right when riding, it just wasn't smooth. The best way to explain it is something like sputtering a little bit, clutch slipping, or even just riding down a bumpy road. It's both while on and off the throttle, but not when I'm coasting either in neutral or with the clutch disengaged. There are no error codes, odd noises, or smells.

My initial thoughts were wheels/tires, but then I'd experience it while coasting. I would think if it was the clutch, I'd only experience it while on the throttle. I really just don't even know where to begin searching at this point.
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