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Originally Posted by Capncalyx View Post
...and yea like DUhastme said...even still at the end of the day yer gonna have plenty of jackasses left on the road who wont see/hear you NO MATTER WHAT because they're in their own little bubble. Did i do that last they're their stuff right Skydork??
*they're = they are.
*their = ownership.

As in...
Originally Posted by Capncalyx
NO MATTER WHAT because they are (they're) in their own little bubble.
They are in the bubble that they create. So, I give you credit for the correct usage completely there!

As to the topic at hand, louder than stock is OK. But ear-splitting loud like most of these pipes put out there just piss other people off and sound stupid. Especially most of the ones on those air-cooled v-twin motors.

I may not be perfect, but at least I don't ride a Suzuki.

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