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I get it, i really do but i too am on the fence on this one. I love to take a curve at double or triple the speed limit but these days im doing it in 5th or even 6th gear (636) as to not have the exhaust screaming. The only thing i panic about while riding is getting a ticket and my slightly chopped LV will fooking scream "HERE I AM MOFUCKERS"!! So im trying to be stealth these days and i also believe in 'a time and place for everything'. I dont pose often but when i do - its at MotoGP Indy my friends (no longer around so i dont pose anymore ) and there you can find me free revving like everyone else til 3am downtown, just not to the limiter lol.
I totally get that sound doesnt travel in the opposite direction it is dispersed in but ive found that if its loud enough, at least the people in my immediate area seem to be able to hear me ambiently in some way and i know it wont be everyone cause there have been plenty of times i cant hear an ambulance due to my A/C or heat cranked while playing the stereo. But to me its worth a shot if you feel you may be in danger of getting squished, rev it up!

Disclaimer - I mostly commute on my 636 and the 10r is for total debauchery. The 10 has a ported head, Kawi race intake, full Brocks and when i get on that...i dont even try to keep quiet lol. Its too fun not too but i try not to be a outright dick or piss people off with it. Its obnoxious just sitting at a light lol. The 636 is my stealth weapon and ive found out i can cruise around at insane speeds without being heard even with a chopped Leo V system.

Cant stand the slow moving Hardleys that sound like the world is coming to an end just trying to wind it up to 50mph. Heck, ill short shift these days just to not annoy the shit out of or scare the shit out of people around me. OR, i have been behind or near someone i see texting and RPM it up enough that i know they heard me cause they'll look in their mirror. I have whacked plenty of times in the past (yes pls quote me on that) and not only scared the shit out of pedestrians on the sidewalk () but scared a driver near me enough that they would react and do something stupid.

I felt like Tommy the other day (im a big classic rock and Who fan!). Like i said i commute a lot on the 636 and had just left my parking garage where i work next to the Capitol Building - so yea DT Indy traffic. Traffic is always heavy but sometimes its really shit and people will block intersections during heavy gridlock just being dicks. This happened the other day again and they'd blocked the entire intersection when we had a green light. I was in the middle of a pack of cages and we all had to maneuver around the blocked intersection to get through. I had already sat through 3 light cycles, the bike was getting hot as fawk and i wasnt waiting for another one so went through in the middle of this pack - head on a swivel as always but also clutching through the turn and revving it up around 10-12K while going through just to kind say "See me, hear me!" In that instance i really feel like it helped a little, certainly feel like people were damn conscious of me and gave me room as we made our way through the fugged up intersection.

Did that novel make any sense or get me off the fence? Probly not.

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