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Originally Posted by moto316 View Post
First order of business is getting her stripped down and getting the wiring harness, emissions and ABS system completely removed. Which is a hell of a lot easier said than done. My 2011 was a non-ABS model and it didn't have the emissions/evap shit on it so I was a little worried once I started to see how big the pile of junk I was ripping off the bike was growing.

This might be common knowledge but I was floored to find out that you need to remove the swingarm to get to a bolt that holds one of the ABS line junctions going to the rear brake line. Kawi must of been having a laugh when they designed this system. While I had it off I cleaned and greased the swingarm pivot and linkage bearings. A good thing I did since it seemed like the last owner took this thing through a field of mud before they traded it in.

Back together and fresh n clean:

I'm hoping that's not the original oil...

Oh my. Did you get an oil analysis from blackstone labs? I like to do that on bikes/cars/trucks/motors i buy used to see how they were maintained and treated prior to me.
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