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Originally Posted by SkyDork View Post
Just out of curiosity, what do you consider the "superior" aspects to be with Inconel as the material for a motorcycle exhaust?

I understand that it can withstand high temps and has more corrosion prevention than the other materials. But it is very difficult to work with and much more expensive. And I've not seen very much in terms of weight comparison. So in my feeble head, putting a more expensive exhaust on a motorcycle that will get scratched up or damaged when it falls over doesn't make much sense. Especially if it's going to possibly weigh more, be obnoxiously loud, not produce a big power gain, and doesn't look good on the bike.

But glad you're happy with it and that's what's important!
The "superior" is not my words that is the manufacture's claim. Which is true because it is lighter and thinner than titanium and stainless steel. And it dissipates heat more effectively. True it is difficult to work with but Austin Racing figured it out. True it is more expensive. But I don't have something everyone has so it makes the bike more unique in my area. Another ZX10R won't pull up with the same exhaust. Plus it sounds damn good. But thoses on a budget, this is not for them. Just an alternative.

Thanks for the input.
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