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May want to try a SC2 or SC3 for a real hot day.

When was the last time the shock was serviced?

I run a gen 4 with an elka rear shock and sc1(front) and sc2(rear) and the bike is extremely compliant, smooth on the throttle and light on the bars helps a lot with that. I can easily spin the rear if i get a little whiskey throttle though. I have kit ecu and TC setup enough to help a slide but not a wheelie. I have yet to run in 100+degreeF temps, though i will be this weekend at buttonwillow, but i don't expect to have any issues. I'm also 6'2 & 210lbs if that helps.

I've heard the stock shock is absolute shit, unfortunately i don't have experience with one, nor how a gen5 shock would compare.

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