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Originally Posted by ukzx10r View Post
True. I was pinning the throttle and it was applying the power gradually itsself.
But that is part of the reason why it felt slighty disconnected and almost like you are cheating.
That said they are adjustable so you can dial in less if you want to.
Id love to do a track day on a gen5 zx10 g atmpare
The cheat feel is outside the comfort zone. Another way of looking at it is let the bike work for you; if the bike feels like it's working against you THEN IT'S YOU. And that's the true beauty of a super.

if working against the rider then the rider must sort out the problem. Not enough weight over; too late on throttle; can't remember the turn; too tired; too fat so can't help suspension; myriad of stuff. Even top level pros can't sort this every race.

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