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Originally Posted by mpp12 View Post
wao.... I was thinking to go really low on psi, but I will follow your advice on cold tire pressure...


did the same with mates S1000RR and was able to get 50 going to a small town with a nice road.
Yeah, the new tyre tech is pretty top notch. I ride at a bottom of red group, top of green group pace (dunno what they is in America, red is fastest group here) and they behave themselves at those pressures. Use it as a baseline and work from there depending on if you're getting cold tears etc and fine tune it. Track temp and ambient temp will play a big role, along with how much you abuse them.
You mentioned you're a beginner so yeah you shouldn't be out riding them at all.

Originally Posted by Bottoms-Up View Post
I can't even begin to say how impressed I am with S21's

I thought I'd give them a try because they get pretty good reviews and
the cost is great. $215 to the door, on sale $165 with rebate (over now)

Using them track only on my Gen2.

I've used Mich power ones, Mich Super Sports, Pirelli Super Corsa SP's, Q3's and more.

I've got 2 track days on them now and they are holding up great. Third track day in a couple of weeks. I usually get 3-4 track days from a set of tires and these will make 4 easy.

My 2nd track day I tried everything I could to get these tires to act up, but I never did get them to step out and tried like heck to get them to spin up, but no go. I have no problems spinning up Q3's. I pushed these way harder then Q3's and could not spin them up. Decided I really didnt want to push them any harder.

I'm running high B group pace.

Those pressures seem a little to high to me. I got the pressures right where I needed them to be. I go for a 6psi rise from cold to hot.
I found 31psi front and 31psi rear cold perfect. 220lb suited, 95f degrees temps

I like them so much I'm probably going to give them a try on my zx14 too.
Good looking wear there. If those pressure work for you that's great. The only problem with dropping them a lot is they can deform due to being so stiff. So instead of opening up like a Dunlop at low pressure, they can kink and stress in unusual ways without enough pressure to keep them supported.

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