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Originally Posted by mpp12 View Post
Siwa, nice review...
When I saw your avatar, noticed that I follow you in IG, Im motoseteo.

I have right now S21s on my gen4, and will do a track day on the 30.... and will test the 21s.... what is your recommended tire pressure for a beginner???
Hey! Awesome man. Followed you back :D

Due to being a hard carcass, they suffer from dropping the pressures a lot. For hard riding, and even the track I wouldnt go lower than 34 to 35 front, and 37-38 for the rear.

Originally Posted by mpp12 View Post
how do you get your lean angle numbers?
Took an S1K with them for a spin through the same corners at same speeds etc that I usually go. All the leans were familiar feelings so based estimate off that. Due to dislocated hips and stuff my knees don't really go down until 56-57 degrees. Topped out at 60 on the S1K.

Originally Posted by obijack View Post
Do you think these are in between the stickiness of a s21 and rs10?
I'd say the RS10 has a slight advantage in the heat and perfect dry for all out grip. The Power RS wouldnt be far behind, and definitely has more life.

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