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Thumbs up Michelin Power RS - My Opinion

So after my last sort of review for the Bridgestone S21's, I thought I'd do one for the new Michelin Power RS.

I've gone through two sets of the S21's (fantastic tyres btw), and got 10,000km out of the first set. The second I had to swap out after 6,000km due to a puncture from some car crash shrapnel.

First off; the new Power RS is f*cking fantastic.

It has a much more aggressive tip in than the S21; however, I can only describe it as bias toward more experienced riders. I say this as it is not a tyre that enjoys changing lines mid corner. If you screw up your tip in then you're in for a bit of a doozy corner. The S21 however is happy to change lines mid corner. The aggressiveness of the tip in will cause you to cut corners until you get used to it and embrace a later and quicker tip in.

Once in the corner though they hold their line fantastic. You can basically take your hands off the bars and they'll keep going where they were pointed.
Dry grip is excellent, and while the wet performance is left somewhat lacking, they do perform far better in the wet than I was expecting, and especially compared to how you think they would based on their tread pattern.

Braking stability is excellent.

From the feel, they seem to be a harder carcass and stiffer sidewall tyre akin to the Bridgestone S21 and most Pirellis. So if you like feedback then they will please. However if you are a Dunlop fan (soft carcass and soft tyrewalls) then the feedback may reduce your confidence.

This was the biggest problem I found with the Rosso 3's, which are a hard carcass but soft tyrewall. They give the feedback from the carcass but then muddle the signals with the soft tyrewall getting in the way. As such, I hate the Rosso 3's as they feel like they are trying to tell me one thing, but are actually just getting confused.

Tyre life is yet to be seen, however they seem to be wearing quite well. I've put 4,000km on them so far and they are fairing better than the Bridgestone RS10's. No sign of squaring off yet and plenty of meat on them.

They heat up quickly, but also cool down quite quickly; so be careful if you've stopped for a smoke and a chat. Give them a chance to warm up again.

The biggerst thing I have noticed over the S21's however is significantly more available rubber at full lean. With the S21's I would be right at the edge of the tyre at 55-56 degrees, however with the Power RS's I wasn't fully scrubbing them off until around 58 degrees. They've taken me up to 60 degrees so far with zero complaints.

They love trail braking and have dropped 2 seconds off my time trial time compared to the S21's within 1 session of running them.

I'll definitely be getting a second set.

Tldr: Michelin Power RS is an excellent new tyre. However, not beginner friendly and not as good wet performance as the S21.
Choose S21 if you want a good mix of twisties, commuting, dry grip, wet grip, and longevity. Choose Power RS if you want improved dry grip, more lean, and more corner stability.
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