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i've serviced a lot of street and race engines in which the drained oil showed a color slightley goldish/light gray, especially viewed in direct sunlight. produces swirls moved around as u say. not one has had a bearing failure. however, as carlos indicated, i look for gold colored bearing material in the bottom of that oil drain pan. copper is much heavier than oil and will quickley settle to the bottom of the drain pan. drained slowley, any bearing flakes/particles will remain in drain pan and are readily evident in light. if present in any amount, pull the oil pan and oil pump pickup for closer inspection as already stated. what ur describing causes me no concern as copper will not stay suspended in oil, the presence of copper bearing material settled is a concern indicating the outside tin bearing plating has worn away. by far, the biggest cause of bearing failure/spun bearings on a zx14 is oil pump cover failure. stock it is too thin, too weak allowing it to bow out at stock oil pressures losing seal and oil pressure. billet oil pump cover about $50 tyd easily installed with 3 bolts once clutch hub removed. this is a must on zx14"s. also with clutch hub removed/oil drained u can get a good look into the bottom of the entire oil pan with a led light as there is a huge open cavity to the pan under the hub without pulling all fairings/rad/ex. no bearing material present, replace that pump cover and ur zx14 will take a beating. first timer,3 hr job.

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