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Originally Posted by cruzimusmaximus View Post
Good Evening all,

So today my fender eliminator kit and integrated tail light came in, install was super easy, nailed it on the wiring first go'round. Everything flashes the right way etc......

However, after i had everything together i cranked it up and noticed the check engine light was on.......It got dark by the time i had everything put together so i didnt get a chance to triple check my work but im almost 100% positive that i got everything back together right. Any ideas on what could of caused it? See below for the specific light i got. This is the first Kawi i owned my R6's i never ran into this issue

Bike: 2016 KRT Non-ABS


Thanks in advance guys!



PS: after everything was done it looked AWESOME, will post pics tomorrow after work when its light out!
I did the same exact thing. I had cranked up the bike to take a look at the light before getting the complete tail section on. I had left one of the sensors in the tail unplugged while testing and it threw the CEL. Plugged everything up and closed up tail section. It took a few rides for it to clear.
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