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You know what....I'm 52 now and the same happened to me 3 years ago.....

I was just short of 25 years on the job. I went completely nuts. They say I was within 2-3minutes of dying due to the amount of pharmaceuticals I took..whatever, they like to exaggerate...but my plan was to give up. I was finished. Too old. Lets just die...

It took me a few months to recover. I built an amazing auto tune map for my ninja 1000, and really showed my wife how its done with regards to laundry and meal prep...the time off was a riot, and I really needed it.

Of course, three years later, I have a better job. I make more money, and actually enjoy what I do. The company I'm with now thinks I'm worth spending thousands on for advanced training, and Im headed to Dallas on Monday for some more.

Im sorry you are going through this, but please give time a chance to be your friend. Lots of the companies like us older guys because we KNOW how to follow rules, policies, and procedures.

The best advise I have is to look at what I did, then do everything 100% opposite...you will be in great shape.
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