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Lost my job today

hey, just letting my friends here know, lost my job today a week short of 25 years at Argonne National Lab.

on going budget problems in our division ended up with 4 people being reduced in force. Wasn't a blood bath but 4 people in one day is tough on those who remain.

In a pretty good spot, looking at a 5 figure severance package. They are paying me for the next two weeks in lieu of two weeks notice, and I have 5.5 weeks of vacation time on the books so at least for a bit, shouldn't be too devistateing.

As my daughter said, now I have the freedom to have a career change... Is 49 to old to jump into the MotoGP game?

for those of you who talk to the big Guy up stairs, just say a word or two on my behalf when you do


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lol, once you go 1/5th... you NEVER go back

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