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Sprocket change or OEM?

Was picking up a set of chain and sprockets for my Gen 5. Had a few queries on them so looking for some help:

1. Should I go for -1/+2 or -1/+1 or keep the sprocketing stock? I do find the bike takes its own sweet time to rev up till the powerband and this at times is a killjoy at the racetrack. Does a -1/+1 make sense or a +2 is the bare minimum to get any noticeable difference? What would be the impact on the top end with a +1 or a +2 at the rear?

2. Massively confused on whether to go for a 520 conversion or 525? Steel sprockets or Aluminium ones?

I am leaning towards Renthal for sprockets and DID for chain. My usage is a mix of weekend riding and trackdays.

Thank you
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